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Those who dream of dramatic renovations, expertly crafted new construction and stunning additions come to Relic Builders. Our superb quality and attention to the finest details are second to none. With over 25 years of contracting experience overlapping in multiple areas, our team knows how to deliver exceptional results on time and on budget.

Custom Room Additions

At Relic Builders, our team has the imagination and expertise to tackle large home projects. We expect each renovation to be completely unique so that no two creations are the same. Imagine having the only home on the block with a one-of-a-kind farmhouse kitchen, large enough for all the holidays. Between a double oven, an apron front sink and bamboo flooring, you will truly be the envy of the neighborhood.

What makes a remodeling project successful goes beyond the improvement itself. The addition must flow with the rest of your home. During the design phase, our team pays close attention to details that others might miss. We consider how the new and existing rooms will flow together, giving attention to interior finishes, flooring and windows. This new addition should serve as an extension of your home – never separate. It is to be enjoyed and admired.

Premium Quality Materials & Finishes

All materials and finishes used in our projects are of superior quality. We’ve mentioned that we pay attention to the most minute details, and we aren’t lying. We feel that creativity is in the details. To us, trim is not just trim. A dado rail defines a beautiful staircase, while crown molding enhances each room. The best time to have these features included in your home is during a renovation.

During your renovation, anticipate a clean, comfortable living space. We understand that this is your home, and we strive to keep things as distraction free as possible. Some people choose to live in their homes during the renovation, especially if it’s a first floor addition. Our builders will set things up in a way that you can enjoy easy access and privacy during the project.

Ensuring Building Code Compliance

Once we approve a blueprint and receive the necessary permits, we can move forward with the project. Don’t worry – we handle this process for you. We are familiar with the building codes and permits needed to add onto your home. Rest assured that whatever home addition you are doing – a rear home addition, a second-floor addition or a sunroom – it will be completed according to the codes in your city.

Receive Project Updates

We know that our clients love to get updates on the work that’s being done. It’s exciting to see how these types of home improvement projects progress. Completing renovations on time and on budget is what we do best, so expect things to move smoothly. With over two decades of experience, we are confident in the timelines we set, and we leave room for minor setbacks. When the work has been completed, our jobsite will be picked up and cleaned to perfection.

Relic Builders offers custom additions, renovations and new builds. The possibilities are endless, so bring your ideas to us! We’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate on what it would cost to turn your current home into your dream home.